Our Approach to Business Development

A New Paradigm

At ILIKOS Consulting Group, we’ve transcended the
traditional boundaries of business development to offer
something genuinely revolutionary.

Our mission is to deliver made-to-measure business
development solutions, combining the highest levels of quality and compliance with the most competitive pricing, specifically designed to support Contract
Research Organizations (CROs).

A Vision for the Future

Our vision is to tackle growth challenges head-on by
leveraging favorable demographics alongside
industry-leading training.

This enables us to offer a cost-effective, integrated
offshore engagement solution for commercial strategy
and business development activities. This approach
meets and exceeds the standards of current practices
within the clinical research industry through:

  • Comprehensive gap analysis and market positioning.
  • An effective, fully dedicated, and cost-efficient BD
    resourcing model.

The ILIKOS Difference: Our Innovative Approach

Where the industry struggles with high costs, high turnover, and inconsistent efforts, ILIKOS shines.

Our innovative approach is founded on a de-risked model that promotes effective, evaluable, and innovative strategies. We present an exceptional advantage in the market by leveraging local talent at a highly competitive cost and bridging classic and new-age BD/sales methodologies.

Recurring Problems in Commercial Strategy & Business Development

Contract Research Organizations (CROs) frequently encounter pervasive challenges when navigating the
complex commercial strategy and business development landscape. ILIKOS Consulting Group has identified
these recurring issues as critical areas where our bespoke solutions can make a significant difference

The traditional business development models often come with a hefty price tag, burdening organizations with unsustainable costs and expectations that rarely align with market trends and fluctuations.

The fast-paced and competitive nature of the industry leads to high turnover rates, causing disruptions and inconsistencies in business development efforts.

Many organizations struggle to maintain a disciplined and consistent approach to outreach, resulting in low visibility, missed opportunities, and inefficiencies.

A deep understanding of clinical research principles combined with market dynamics and development trends is crucial for effective business development, yet this expertise is often lacking.

Numerous Contract Research Organizations (CROs) do not position themselves effectively in the market as they lack a proper commercial strategy, thorough market research, and a clear story describing their value proposition.

Failure to properly research the market and craft messaging that resonates with the target audience’s pain points leads to weak positioning and low responsiveness, negatively affecting new pipeline, sales and ultimately, revenue.

Key Advantages for Our Clients

In today’s rapidly evolving clinical research industry, the demand for well-informed and technically proficient
professionals is at an all-time high. The ILIKOS approach is designed to address this gap by offering an extensive
pipeline of strong candidates to our global Clientele.

  • Equipment & platforms included
  • Close support
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Measurable ROI
  • Ownership of data

The ILIKOS Solution:
Establishing a new standard

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A Comprehensive Approach to Succes

Our method is comprehensive and evolving, structured around
three tiers to ensure adaptability and success:



Continuous Evaluation

Flexible Collaboration Models

ILIKOS offers flexible collaboration models to fit any organization’s needs, whether through dedicated account
executives for lead generation and new relationships or a more integrated role with our BD support team, which
provides strategic advice and action plan development in a fractional manner.

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