Clinical Research
Site Setup

At ILIKOS Consulting Group, we are dedicated to setting the gold standard in helping develop robust and streamlined clinical research platforms in emerging regions. Our seasoned team, complemented by a global network of industry professionals with extensive clinical operations experience, brings unparalleled knowledge and a deep understanding of regional perspectives to every mandate we embark upon. But our commitment continues beyond meeting industry standards; we aim to redefine them.

End-to-End Clinical Site Setup Services:

Navigating the Clinical Research Terrain: As the clinical research domain continues evolving rapidly, it brings many challenges. The diversifying landscape, spanning academic institutions to commercial research facilities, demands agility and profound expertise. At ILIKOS, we’re not just keeping pace but setting the rhythm.

ILIKOS Distinctive Capabilities:

  • SOP development: Our ability to develop a wide range of clinical SOPs ensures that processes are consistent, streamlined, and aligned with the apex of industry standards.
  • Operational Mastery: Our profound understanding of operational dynamics related to clinical operations allows us to navigate complexities, ensuring trials run optimally and that Participant experience is optimal.
  • Ethical Review Acumen: Recognizing the pivotal role of local ethical reviews and the critical pain points regional and centralized processes may represent, our team’s prowess guarantees unwavering compliance and seamless alignment with market dynamics while differentiating your region and value proposition.
  • Cultural Versatility: Our team’s adeptness in navigating the nuances of various geographies, languages, and cultures ensures seamless communication and collaboration.

End-to-End Clinical Site Setup Services:

  • Alignment of key stakeholders: Optimal site operations involve medical staff, clinical operations teams, administration professionals for budgets and legal documentation, regulatory specialists, and other internal and external stakeholders. We specialize in bringing these groups together during preparation to ensure optimized operations, streamlined processes, and attractive value propositions for study Sponsors. 
  • Site Evaluation and Setup Visits: Rigorous assessments to ascertain site suitability and adherence to regulatory mandates.
  • Document Review & Verification: Meticulous scrutiny of essential documents and site files, upholding top-tier quality and ensuring your site is ready to meet the strictest industry standards.
  • Use of e-platforms at site level: as technology advances, numerous options become available to support clinical conduct and promote to-tier data quality. Our deep knowledge of a wide range of technologies allows us to guide you to those most suitable and align with your clinical operations structure and the type of studies you are pursuing. 


With ILIKOS Consulting Group by your side, you’re not just conducting clinical research but pioneering clinical excellence and contributing to advancing promising therapies. Our team, fortified with cutting-edge tools and an unwavering dedication to quality, is poised to amplify your success.