Commercial Strategy and Business Development

At ILIKOS Consulting Group, we understand the transformative power of developing new business pipelines for our Clients. Our unique commercial strategy and business development solutions are designed to leverage our deep knowledge of the clinical research industry, development trends, and Sponsor outsourcing preferences. Our approach, consisting of an industry-first off-shore resourcing model, mitigates risk by combining technology, favorable demographics, industry knowledge, and unparalleled quality to position your company in front of its ideal Client profile. 

Why Choose ILIKOS for Your Commercial Strategy and Business Development:

  • De-risked Cost Structure: We offer financial models that minimize risks while ensuring maximum returns on your investment.
  • Offshore Engagement Model: Establish global coverage while benefiting from favorable local demographics and top-tier training, ensuring an innovative yet highly effective approach to new business development.
  • Dedicated FTE Resourcing: Our full-time equivalent resources are dedicated to you, ensuring consistency, focus, and seamless experience for your Clients.
  • Executive Support and Training: Benefit from top-tier executive support and in-depth training, ensuring your practices are always driven by the latest industry standards.
  • Turn-key Solution: Our solutions cover the spectrum of gap analysis, strategy development, and execution. Trust us with your development strategy and evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts firsthand.
  • Constant ROI Review: Regular reviews ensure that your return on investment is always maximized, coupled with complete data ownership.

Why ILIKOS Stands Apart

  • Exclusivity in Dedication: Our resources are committed to a single company, ensuring a depth of understanding and personalized attention that’s rare to find.
  • Continuous Learning & Adaptability: The world of business is ever-evolving. Our team members are closely supported and regularly provided with the most effective training and tools, ensuring they remain at the forefront of business development practices.
  • Comprehensive solutions that go beyond ideas and vision. We execute in complete transparency.
  • Harnessing Local Talent with a Global Outlook: Drawing from the rich educational backdrop of Cyprus, our team members combine local insights with a global business perspective, crafting strategies that resonate universally.

ILIKOS's Commercial Strategy and
Business Development Highlights:

  • Alignment with Market Dynamics: Our strategies align with market trends, ensuring your business remains relevant and competitive.
  • >50% Savings on BD Efforts while maximizing ROI: Our efficient model generates significant savings while maintaining accountability, quality, and visibility into effectiveness. 
  • Fully-Integrated Resourcing Model
  • Visibility Increase Across Ideal Client Profile
  • 40% to 60% New Sales Pipeline Growth

Comprehensive Business Development Training:

Establishing and implementing robust commercial strategy and business development activities is the linchpin of success in the dynamic clinical research market landscape. Our exhaustive training and development programs cultivate strong business development processes, eliminate gaps, and widen knowledge related to development trends—sponsor outsourcing preferences and the BD practices best suited to meet their needs.

Our programs cover a broad spectrum of critical performance drivers:

  • Bridging clinical operations perspectives with commercial strategy: In a highly competitive industry, value propositions become more attractive when they combine intricate clinical operations perspectives with commercial messaging. We identify Sponsor pain points and clinical execution challenges and present your solutions in a highly effective differentiated manner vs. common, repetitive, and cookie-cutter messaging.
  • Strategic Business Development: We provide seminars on the importance of learning the art of identifying opportunities, ideal Client and contact profiles, building relationships, leveraging market dynamics, and driving growth while navigating the sales cycle.
  • Client Relationship Management: Our approach is driven by close attention to the nuances of client management, ensuring lasting and fruitful business relationships that maintain stability while new business development activities mature. Our seminars focus on key Client management, a proactive approach to market changes, and identifying new opportunities for relationship growth and turbulence management in the inevitable situation where milestones are not met or significant deviations occur.
  • Market Analysis & Trends: We present the latest market and outsourcing trends, ensuring your business strategies are relevant and practical while taking advantage of your capabilities, experience, and service offering model.

At ILIKOS Consulting Group, we are proud to bridge the gap between local talent and global business needs. With our expert team, innovative training methodologies, and a commitment to excellence, we’re here to guide you every step, ensuring your business always stays ahead of the competition.